For probably half of that terrible ride I was completely conscious, in a position to observe almost every thing that was going on, but utterly unable to assist myself. Then all went blank. Having said that, Captain Richardson told me afterwards that my face had been totally submerged for six minutes before he and his assistants have been in a position to drag me out. Even then my face had turned blue in color . But rapidly they took me towards the nearest dock, provided initially help for practically an hour best rolex replica , shot a stomach pump into me and let me lie down for any spell. Only Captain Richardson's uncommon presence of mind and speed of action saved my life, combined with the reality that the rescue celebration was capable to find me, because of the fact that the parachute and harness have been capable to float around the surface, thereby rendering them visible for the rescue celebration for a huge selection of yards.

My encounter of August 20, 1928, was quickly the second most thrilling of a lifetime. A massive film enterprise that tends to make news reels wanted to take some photos of myself and 3 other Navy men jumping simultaneously from a plane more than Boiling Field, Washington. The film was to become called the "race to earth," but it may possibly properly have been termed "the race with death." I won the pictorial race handily sufficient, but nearly lost my life in the course of the venture.

From a 1500 foot elevation all of us jumped from a Navy Ford transport. When my 'chute was open and I was speeding towards the earth, 1 took cautious note of a. spot on the field exactly where I wanted to land, but a strong wind blew up all of a sudden and upset my plans. Visualize my horror to recognize, when only a couple hundred feet from the ground, that I was likely to drop full tilt on a group of higher tension wires of 35,000 voltage, close to the roof of a hangar!

Unfortunately, on the other hand, it was too late for me to achieve a lot towards guiding the 'chute, so inside some seconds I discovered myself suspended on certainly one of those risky wires like a canary on a perch. Accurate enough, the wires have been barely six feet in the ground, but since I measure only five feet from head to toe, I wasn't any also near the ground at that certain moment. By some miracle, nonetheless, none of my body basically was touching the wires, although my 'chute was wrapped about them, and at any moment I could make a speak to that would mean my death.

Meanwhile the wind and water were waging a fierce struggle for supremacy over what was to be my fate, the water pouring into the gaping hole within the rubber suit, replica rolex watches for sale thereby tending to pull me beneath the surface, along with the wind spasmodically catching hold in the 'chute and forcing it along the water at a quickly price of speed.

Bear in thoughts also that the rubber suit itself weighed about 20 pounds dry, with five extra pounds of lead inside the sole of every shoe, presumably for the purpose of maintaining my body in an upright position all the time whilst in the water.

Pretty soon the suit acted just like a giant bucket of water attached to my person, dragging my head beneath the surface each now and once again. And now a sudden gust of wind caught the 'chute, just as Captain H. C. Richardson rolex fakes , in charge in the test, noticed my plight and headed for me in his speed boat from a point probably 200 yards away. Whereupon for over two miles I was inside a helpless, and apparently hopeless, circumstance. Inextricably entangled inside the harness, which was nonetheless strapped to my body, I was hurtled, at dizzy speed, via the water, sometimes rolling over the surface fake omega watch , but far more generally with my nose exposed to a six-inch covering of water.

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